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TaoBase.com is the world’s first bilingual business social network for China and USA-based entrepreneur talents, SMEs (small and medium businesses) owners and investors looking to expand into international markets. It is a platform that implements trusted business connections and establishes mutual participation incentives built on block chain technology.

TaoBase.com simplifies business development by connecting users based on common business goals and desired resources. The platform eliminates barriers to finding, initiating and building new business relationships and partnerships between US and Chinese businesses and entrepreneurs.

TaoBase.com creates a virtual business ecosystem to help entrepreneurs grow and to support development of SMEs worldwide. Our mission is to promote the flow of international talent and cooperation between Chinese and American SMEs.

Features & Benefits

Grow Your Professional Network in the United States & China

Instantly connect to local & international businesses, entrepreneurs, potential team members, investors & partners, manufacturers, distributors, retailers and agents.

Convenient Tools to Eliminate Language Barriers

Communicate with over 100 pre-written, pre-translated messages designed to easily initiate and maintain a business relationship.

Easily Search for International Suppliers, Vendors, Manufacturers, Retailers

Intuitive search features make valuable connections easy to find.

Assistance Accessing the World’s Two Largest Economies

Expand into international markets by utilizing online platforms like Amazon.com, Tmall.com & JD.com, or by selling direct to US & Chinese consumers.

Attract New Customers, Partners & Investors

Create a detailed profile to showcase yourself, your business, your project or investment. Make it easy for your ideal matches to find you, build a team and secure investment.

Identify the Right Investment or Project

Find projects in need of funding or strategic partners. Share your expertise, technology, patents and innovations with local and international partners that need your help.

Communicate with an Online Community Intent on Creating Opportunities

Openly communicate in a public news feed; share media, organize events, promote and discover new opportunities.

关于我们 (for English, click here

TaoBase.com 是首个在美中的创业家,中小企业家与投资者之间实现无障碍连接的双语社交网络。它是一个通过引进区块链技术实现可信的业务连接并建立共同参与激励机制的商务社交网络平台。

TaoBase.com 简化了中美企业的业务发展途径,方便这些企业和投资者与有着共同的业务目标和期望资源的用户之间相连接以便拓展国际市场。 TaoBase 消除了寻找,启动和建立新业务关系和伙伴关系的障碍。

TaoBase.com 创建了一个虚拟商业生态系统,帮助创业家成长并支持全球中小企业的发展。 同时,它也是方便两国企业引进世界顶级人才的工具。我们的使命是促进中美两国中小企业的国际人才流动和商务合作。















在公共动态墙上广泛交流; 分享媒体,组织活动,宣传和发现新的机会。