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Why Did We Build This Website?

TaoBase.com, operated by TaoBase.com, Inc., is the world’s first multi-language social media platform seeking to connect global entrepreneurs, startups, small and medium enterprises(SMEs) and investors for business development. Currently, there are a few solutions on the global market that helps connect SMEs to each other or entrepreneurs and investors to each other. The existing resources have limited features, lack solutions with global reach and provide narrow coverage for the customers in a highly fragmented market. In the US, the relevant sites are focus only in the US and Western European markets. Due to language barriers, cultural differences and other reasons, the majority of the Chinese markets have been completely ignored. With the rapid Chinese economic developments in the past decades, Chinese companies are acquiring overseas brands, purchasing intellectual property rights and high technology to improve their position in the global value chain. Meanwhile, the overall slowdown in China’s economic growth makes more and more companies in China expand to overseas markets. The urgency of industrial upgrades to gain advanced technologies or brands also drive overseas acquisitions. China buyers are eager to pursue assets worldwide, including real estate, chemical and high-end technology projects. Unfortunately, there are no existing tools or platforms that can help Chinese enterprises to acquire or conveniently build business connections and partnerships with international companies. There is also lack of effective resources or platforms available to help US and overseas SMEs to enter and develop the Chinese market. A single platform with a full package of services does not exist.

Firstly, TaoBase.com integrates into the innovative business ecosystems of the world to help world entrepreneurs producing new ideas and help them connect world SMEs. The great location, startup resources, and deep ties to global SMEs will provide you with the tools and connections you need to launch the next stage of your business and career development. Entrepreneurs have new ideas, innovations, and new technologies but they lack funds, equipment or facilities to achieve commercialization. Private/public investors have surplus funds but may lack of a good investment or acquisition projects. Furthermore, SMEs have technologies, products, existing business equipment, facilities or services. While many SMEs also have capacity shortages or seek expansion for their residual capacities, some have urgent needs of capital, new technologies or industrial upgrading and transformation. The existing online and commercial trading portals are not effective to achieve the goal of connecting the three complementary groups of entrepreneurs, investors and SMEs.

Example 1: A startup company ELPHIC is developing an electro-photonic integration technology that combines all optics and electronics components of a 25G receiver on a single device. This breakthrough technology will use the exact same manufacturing process, packaging and equipment that are used by volume electronic manufactures. An integration of this startup technology will save many SME businesses.

TaoBase.com can connect start-ups and existing SMEs to establish partnership as well as help start-up companies to achieve commercialization with minimum cost. At the same time, TaoBase.com can assist SMEs that need industrial upgrading to advance their technology and achieve a win-win objective.

Example 2:Recently, Nanshan Group-a Chinese resourced based enterprises will invest in Australia's second largest airline--Virgin Airlines. Nanshan Group's main business is aluminum, with a listed company “Nanshan aluminum” in China. Nanshan also involved in textile and garments, tourism, finance, aviation, real estate, education, health care, and other industries. However, Nanshan business development is suffering from the redundant construction and overcapacity of aluminum in the past 6 years that resulted in tumbling of the aluminum prices to a trough in 2015 with revenue fell 2.7% and net profit fell 37.5%. Nanshan aluminum is eager to make a transition to the Aviation industry; Nanshan wants to transition to the air transport industry which is the transformation direction of many resource based enterprises.

The two companies can successfully eliminate language barriers through TaoBase.com, exchange information to establish a collaborative relationship to smooth the implementation of mergers and acquisitions.

Secondly, TaoBase.com can help both SMEs and entrepreneurs to exchange resources and build partnership through its platform by using advance technologies. The platform of TaoBase.com will not only provide a full package of services that enable entrepreneurs and SMEs to build partnership, but also help them to expand their business networks, and identify appropriate business partners, projects, and employees with highly desirable expertise across countries.

Example 3: A large number of European companies have a huge complementarity with China's current industrial structure. With the third industrial revolution gradually approaching a bottleneck, Chinese and European enterprises need to upgrade and transform. Germany’s proposal of the “Industrial 4.0” concept calls for enterprises to carry out the next generation of industrial transformation. European enterprises have accumulated a lot of manufacturing and management experiences during the “second and third industry revolution”. These experiences would be greatly needed and invaluable to China. If Chinese enterprises could obtain these unique skills and technologies through mergers and acquisitions with established European companies, they will save years of development time and avoid detours. On the other hand, the European countries have been looking for new growth opportunity and driving force to move themselves out of trouble after the European debt crisis. From the perspective of the industrial structure or investment, overseas mergers and acquisitions arbitrage space is large due to the low valuation of many European companies. Hence, more and more European SMEs have been acquired by Chinese companies. According to the 2015 Chinese Embassy in the British business statistics, Chinese enterprises have completed 22 equity acquisition and green investment. Zhuzhou CSR spent 229 million pounds to acquire British ocean engineering enterprises-SMD to enter the field of marine engineering deep-sea equipment; Geely Group invested 300 million pounds in the UK to conduct R&D, construction and production of a new plant to produce the next generation of pure electric and ultra-low emission "London taxi".

TaoBase.com can help both enterprises from European and China to exchange the resources and establish the partnership through its platform. It enables Chinese enterprises to find the right projects and technologies while helping Europe SMEs out of difficulties to achieve the goal of a win-win situation.

Thirdly, TaoBase.com is also an innovative platform for promoting and sharing of new technologies, innovations and patent technologies. For some of the high technology, innovation, patent transfer or high tech product transfer, buyers and sellers are unable to complete the transaction process using commercial trading portals or importers/exporters due to complicated issues and time-consuming process. Partnership of the involving SMEs is the only solution for the high-tech products transfer. In Europe, there are many new patented projects actively seek investors to fund and advance the production operation ASAP. These emerging companies have great potential with the latest high-end technology, or possess undeveloped resources. They are willing to partner with investors from China to propel into the world's largest market.

Example 4: Recently, an Israel biotechnology company has attracted the interests of a number of China listed companies. The research company developed a placental cell therapy product for treatment of muscle tissue injury caused by bullet wound or car accident. The placental stem cells promote the damaged cell's recovery ability to reduce the amputation rate to almost 70%. The product has not reached large-scale sales; however, the company is listed on the NASDAQ and has a current market value of approximately $200 million. In view of the company's bright future, a number of accompanying listed companies expressed interest to acquire the new technologies. They want to collaborate with the company to develop the Chinese market by establish partnerships or through acquisition. International SMEs can enter and develop the Chinese market by sharing new technical cooperation with the Chinese companies through TaoBase.com.

Furthermore, many potential entrepreneurs may give up their aspirations due to the lack of convenient platform to identify the right business partners or to find helpful SMEs. One of the goals of TaoBase.com is to establish a unique business partnership and social network platform for ordinary people that are motivated to advance their career goals. TaoBase.com is working to create this opportunity for all interested parties and to create a platform to help anyone to realize their business dreams. Our website is an all-in-one service website designed for anyone to build his own business network and team. Anyone, not just entrepreneurs or the elite can sign up for free membership to freely publish their ideas and build up a business partnership easily & directly in this website. For example, a person would like to open a coffee shop. He is looking for a business partner due to the lack of funds or experience. TaoBase.com can provide him a platform to identify the right business partners in a short time to start his own coffee shop business.

Lastly, TaoBase.com will not only connect entrepreneurs as well as SMEs from all over the world, the platform also seeks to forge strong bonds between the businesses in two largest economies in the world – China and USA.

We are conducting research to develop more new products and services to help people to easily build their own business and connect them to other businesses globally. If you have any comments and suggestions, please contact us by email: support@taobase.com

案例分析 (for English, click here)


TaoBase.com,是 Ebiztie Inc 创建的世界上第 一个多语言线上商务社交平台,旨在连接全球初 创公司,中小企业和投资者并促进其业务发展。 目前,美国和中国市场上虽然存在一些帮助创业者和投 资者之间以及少数中小企业之间建立服务联系的线上平 台,包括目前最热的电子商务平台,却还没有一个可以 提供完整服务以供创业者、国际中小企业,国际投资者 方便的建立业务联系和合作伙伴关系的在线工具。现有 的类似在线平台一般都只能为客户提供有限的服务,其 并且缺乏全球性的解决方案,涵盖面窄,市场也高度分 散。以美国为例,大多数相关网站都集中在为美国和西 欧的市场服务。由于语言,文化和其他诸多原因,广大 的中国市场被完全忽略了。然而,随着中国的发展, 中国企业正通过海外收购品牌、购买知识产权和高科技, 从而提高自身在全球价值链中的地位。同时,中国经济 整体增速的放缓使得越来越多的企业开始拓展海外市场, 而产业升级的迫切性也使得从海外收购获取相对先进的 技术或品牌成为中国企业的选项之一。因此,渴求机会 的中国买家在全球范围内追逐资产,包括房地产、化工 和高端科技等项目。 根据权威统计,中国海外并购交 易未来几年将会保持50%的增长。然而,目前市场上没 有任何有效的工具或平台可以帮助中国企业家方便地进 行并购业务以及与国际企业建立合作伙伴关系,同时, 也没有可以帮助美国及其他海外中小企业开拓中国市场 的平台。目前市场上缺乏能提供完整此类服务的国际性 商务社交平台。

首先,biztie.com 融入了世界创新的商业生态系统用 以帮助世界各地的创业者激发新创意并帮助他们连通国 际企业。同时,优越的地理位置,丰富的创业资源,以 及和全球中小企业紧密联系将为您提供您所需要的工具 和商务联系以便于开拓你的商业王国和职业生涯。创业 者有新创意、创新和发明而缺乏资金、设备以及厂房从 而无法实现商业化,私有或公共的投资者有大量的剩余 资金却缺乏好的投资和并购项目,中小企业有技术、产 品、现有的商业设施或服务,它们多数产能不足,急需 资金、技术或寻求产业升级。现有的在线和电商平台也 不能有效的帮助多方实现互补的目的。

例一:美国一家名为 ELPHIC 的初创公司正在开发 一种电光子集成技术,这个技术能够在单个设备 上结合25G 接收器上的所有光学和电子组件。这 项突破性的技术将可以使用现有市场上的几乎相 同的大量制造电子产品的制造工艺、包装和设备, 这将挽救许多相关濒临倒闭的中小制造业。

TaoBase.com 能够帮助初创公司和现有中小企业 建立伙伴关系,帮助初创公司以最小的成本实现 商业化,同时帮助急需产业升级的中小企业摆脱 困境,达到双赢的目的。

例二:最近,一个中国的资源型民营企业山东南 山集团将并购澳大利亚的第二大航空公司:维珍 航空公司的股份。南山集团的主营业务是铝,拥 有一家上市公司“南山铝业”。它还涉及纺织服 装、旅游、金融、航空、房地产、教育、卫生、 卫生等多个行业。事实上,南山集团的主营业务 发展不理想。由于重复建设和产能过剩,近6 年 来,铝价持续下跌。它已陷入低谷。去年,南山 铝业收同比下降2.7%,净利润同比下降37.5%。 南山铝业急于转型。航空大产业,不单单是航空 运输业,是很多资源型企业考虑的转型方向。” 两国企业可以通过TaoBase.com 顺利的排除语言 障碍,交流资讯建立合作关系从而顺利的实施并 购。

两国企业可以通过TaoBase.com 顺利的排除语言 障碍,交流资讯建立合作关系从而顺利的实施并 购。

其次,通过 TaoBase.com 先进的技术平台,中小企业和 创业者能够相互交换资源并建立伙伴关系,。这个社交 平台不但能提供完整的成套服务以帮助创业者和中小企 建立伙伴关系,同时也能帮助双方延展商务网络,扩大 影响并找到适当的跨国界的商业伙伴,项目,和高技能 雇员。

例三:大量欧洲企业跟中国当下产业结构有着巨 大互补性。随着第三次工业革命的红利已经逐渐 达到瓶颈,中国和欧洲的企业都需要进行升级转 型,德国就提出了“工业4.0”的概念号召企业 进行下一代的工业转型。欧洲大量的企业在第二 次,第三次工业革命中积累了大量的制造经验和 管理经验,这些东西都是1949 年才开始工业化的 中国所需要的,因为涉及到精密制造和配方比例 的东西是很多欧洲企业在数百年的传承中积累下 来的看家本领,如果中国企业能通过并购获取这 些企业的“独门秘技”,将会节省下大量研发时 间和少走不少弯路。同时,欧债危机后,欧洲国 家一直在外部寻找新的增长点和驱动力,以助自 身摆脱困境,欧洲公司的整体估值普遍偏低。不 单是从产业结构还是从投资角度讲,海外并购套 利空间很大。据中国驻英国使馆经商处统计数字, 2015 年中国企业在英完成并购(参股)和绿地投 资(创建投资)22 起。株洲南车以2.29 亿英镑全 资收购英海洋工程企业SMD,向海洋工程深海装 备领域拓展;吉利集团投资3 亿英镑在英建设融 研发和生产一体的全新工厂,用于生产下一代纯 电动和超低排放的“伦敦出租车”。

TaoBase.com 能够帮助双方企业建立伙伴关系,帮助中国企业 寻找到合适的项目,同时帮助欧洲中小企业摆脱 困境,达到双赢的目的。

再次,biztie.com 也是推动和共享新技术,新发明和 专利技术的创新平台。对于一些高技术,创新,专利转 让或高新技术产品转让,买家和卖家不可能通过现有的 电子商务平台或进口/出口商完成交易过程。因为它涉 及复杂的了解和长时间的谈判过程。国际中小企业之间 建立伙伴关系是高新技术产品转让的唯一解决方案。在 欧洲也有许多新专利,新项目正在积极寻找投资者,以 便尽快投入生产运行。 这些新兴企业拥有巨大潜力, 他们或是拥有最新高端技术,或是尚未开发的资源。 他们愿意和来自中国的投资者合作,以期待获得进入全 球最大市场的合作伙伴。

例四:以色列一家在美国纳斯达克上市的小生物 科技公司吸引了一批中国上市公司的注意。该公 司研发胎盘细胞治疗产品,利用胎盘干细胞治疗 肌肉损伤,产品被运用于被子弹或车祸达成的肌肉组织损伤,可以加快细胞的恢复能力,差不多能降低2/3的截肢率。产品并没有达到大规模的销售,然而,该公司已在纳斯达克上市,目前的市场价值约为2亿美元。鉴于公司前途光明,随行的企业家们对此技术表达了很大的兴趣,表示可以合作或并购并帮其开拓中国市场。

通过 TaoBase.com 国际中小企业可以和中国通过分享新技术合作来帮助他们的业务发展。

另外,许多创业者由于缺乏这样方便有效帮助他们寻找和识别志同道合的创业伙伴和中小企业合作伙伴的工具而不得不放弃他们的新创意或者将他们的新技术束之高阁,我们的目标之一是为有创业欲望和积极开拓的普通人建立一个独特的商业伙伴关系和社交平台。TaoBase.com 立志为此类所有感兴趣的人创造机会并建立这样一个社交平台,帮助实现他们的创业梦想。任何人都可以通过我们这个一体化的服务平台用最少的花费甚至于不花钱建立自己的商务网络和业务团队。任何人(不仅仅是企业家或精英)都可以在这个网站上直接注册免费的会员并自由发表他们的想法,并建立商业伙伴关系。例如,一个人想开个咖啡店;由于资金和经验的缺乏他要找一个生意伙伴。TaoBase.com给他提供了一个平台,让他很容易在短时间内寻找到志同道合的合作伙伴,从而拥有自己的咖啡店。