The TaoBase Solution 中文

Countless business fail to go international because they lack the talent, knowledge, tools, and resources to grow across national borders. Despite the existence of many social platforms with global reach, there is no platform to provide a full package solution for small and medium technology business to grow international. We believe Taobase is the solution to this bottleneck of international human capital and business resource.

TaoBase.com, operated by Taobase, Inc. is a free bilingual innovated commercial platform, mainly for Chinese and US technology companies, distributors and manufactures. It helps users to avoid the rhubarb page-type search, and precisely matches to manufacturers, distributors, and other business resources so that users can find talent, quality services and accurate business resources quickly and easily. Powering this activity, is AI self-directed tools and a blockchain-based smart contract peer evaluation system. The system leverages cutting-edge technology to secure a new level of trust in a globalized economy.

In this post we will be highlighting four features that differentiates TaoBase from other business social networking platforms and the many ways businesses can benefit from our free services:

1). Taobase connects businesses and talent based on individual needs and capabilities using an unrivalled micro-targeting methodology and MO.
2). Taobase fosters connections between global doers—entrepreneurs, investors, and SMBs—to make meaningful business connections to achieve best business deals and economy benefits.
3). Taobase creates the first “plug-and-play” environment for lay entrepreneurs to move into the U.S. or Chinese markets, respectively, in a seamless manner.
4). Taobase builds a community based on trust. Our guarantee is second-to-none.

1. Taobase connects businesses and talent based on individual needs and capabilities using an unrivalled micro-targeting methodology and MO.

TaoBase helps entrepreneurs and businesses exchange resources and build business networks by leveraging connections based on common business goals while leveraging NLP artificial intelligence to help users identify the right business partners, projects, and highly desirable skills on a global scale.
Many entrepreneurs have to give up their new ideas or leave their new technology on the shelf due to lack of solutions to help them find and identify entrepreneurial partners with common goals and business resources. Anyone can build their own business network and find talent with no cost or minimal cost through our integrated service platform and related communities. Anyone can sign up for free membership directly on this site and freely post their ideas in the community and get guidance from an expert.

2.Taobase fosters connections between global doers—entrepreneurs, investors, and SMBs—to make meaningful business connections to achieve best business deals and economy benefits.

Many entrepreneurs have great new ideas, innovations, and technologies, but may lack the funds, equipment, or human capital to achieve commercialization. SMBs have existing business equipment, services, and products, but may be in need of new capital, technology, or customers in new markets. Private or public investors have surplus funds, but may still be in the search for good investments or acquisition projects. The international connections may help to reach the best business deals and economy benefits.

Currently, existing platforms have minimal global reach and limited features specifically designed for SMBs and entrepreneurs. TaoBase is the first online and commercial platform that can effectively connect entrepreneurs, investors, and SMBs on the global market. TaoBase will provide special community communication, relevant business opportunity sharing and core value-added services to enable our users to easily and smoothly establish complementary partnerships and expand overseas markets.

Why does this matter?

Example 1: There are many startups that have developed breakthrough technologies from which established businesses could benefit. A startup named ELPHIC has developed a revolutionary electro-photonic integration technology that combines all electronic components of a 25G receiver on a single device. This technology can be the key to upgrading and saving many existing electronic manufacturers and SMBs. This is where TaoBase comes in and helps businesses succeed by finding and building the right connections and partnerships between startups and SMBs. With TaoBase, startups can achieve commercialization at a minimum cost and SMBs can find the industrial upgrades needed for their current technology. Without Taobase, shortcomings in domestic markets would severely challenge such businesses as ELPHIC.

3.Taobase creates the first “plug-and-play” environment for lay entrepreneurs to move into the U.S. or Chinese markets, respectively, in a seamless manner.

With the low cost of Chinese manufacturing and the strength of the Chinese economy, many US businesses are keen on doing business within the world’s largest market. However, many are unable due to language barriers, cultural differences in resources, trust, and sharing practices, and overcoming these barriers can be difficult. As a result, most platforms focus only on the Western market leaving a majority of the Chinese market untouched. With China’s rapid economic development through the last few decades, Chinese companies are rapidly partnering with overseas brands, purchasing intellectual property rights, and developing the newest technology to improve their position in the global value chain. Many Chinese businesses are looking to expand overseas and many Chinese VC’s are eager to invest in overseas highly scalable projects, products, and services. There is a huge potential for collaboration, but there were no tools or platforms that could facilitate these international connections for both America and China.

As a result, we developed TaoBase to help both US and Chinese ambitious businesses expand into each other’s marketplaces. With our extensive knowledge of both the American and Chinese market, our tools and services eliminate the barriers to accessing the world’s largest markets. Furthermore, our precise cross-border resources and international access can help entrepreneurs recruit the necessary talent, manufacture products at a low cost, and help entrepreneurs and SMBs build their global business network in a “plugNplay” manner.

Example 2: Recently, a biotechnology company in Israel attracted the interest of a number of Chinese companies. The research company developed a product involving placental cell therapy to treat muscle tissue injury caused by bullet wounds or car accidents. This remarkable cell therapy has the potential to reduce the need to amputate by 30%. While the product has not reached the large-scale market, the company is listed on the NASDAQ and has a current market value of approximately $200 million. Encouraged by the company’s bright future, a number of Chinese companies have expressed interest in collaborating to implement this product into the Chinese market with this new technology. TaoBase provides these companies with the international and bilingual platform to effectively communicate and connect with one another. With the Chinese market eager to accept international businesses and technologies, TaoBase can connect your business to a market that is bursting with potential.
Through TaoBase, International SMBs can expand their business development by sharing new technology cooperation and opportunities with both countries.

4. Taobase builds a community based on trust. Our guarantee is second-to-none.

TaoBase is an innovative commercial platform promoting the sharing of modern technology, innovation, and patents. New technologies, patent transfers, or high-tech product transfers disqualify buyers and sellers to complete the transaction process using commercial trading portals. There is also the inability to use importers or exporters due to the slew of complicated issues, including time-consuming processes. This is where TaoBase comes in. Many Western patented projects are actively seeking investors to fund and advance their production as soon as possible, and many investors in China are eager to propel these projects into the world’s largest market. Block chain technology simplifies interaction, review, and trust factors to help businesses smoothly transfer patent and share technologies. We use blockchain smart contracts to protect a variety of business activities.

We are constantly conducting research to develop products and services that can better help our users build their business teams and connect with others on a global level. If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact us by email at info@ebiztie.com.

TaoBase 解决方案 (English)


TaoBase.com由Taobase,Inc运营,是一个免费的双语创新商业平台,主要面向中美科技公司、分销商和制造商。它有助于用户避免大黄页面类型的搜索,并精确匹配制造商、分销商和其他业务资源,使用户能够快速轻松地找到人才、优质服务和准确的业务资源。为此提供动力的是AI自主工具和基于区块链的智能合约同行评估系统。 该系统利用尖端技术确保全球化经济中的新信任水平。


2.)Taobase促进全球实干家- 企业家,投资者和中小企业之间的联系 - 建立有意义的商业联系,以实现最佳商业交易和经济效益。
3.)Taobase为非专业企业家创造了第一个 “即插即用” 环境,分别以无缝方式进入美国或中国市场。
4.)Taobase将建立一个基于信任的社区。 我们的保证是首屈一指的。

1. Taobase使用独特的微靶向定位方法和MO,根据个人需求和能力连接企业和人才。



2. Taobase促进全球实干家- 企业家,投资者和中小企业之间的联系 - 建立有意义的商业联系,以实现最佳商业交易和经济效益。


目前,市场上现有平台的国际化程度极小,而且专门为中小企业和企业家设计的功能有限。 TaoBase 是第一个能够在全球市场上有效连接企业家、投资者和中小企业的在线和商业平台。TaoBase将提供特殊社区交流,相关商机发布和核心增值服务以使我们的用户能够方便顺利的建立互补的合作伙伴关系并拓展海外市场。


示例 1:有许多初创公司已经开发出突破性技术,现有成熟企业可从中受益。一家名为 ELPHIC的初创公司开发了革命性的电子光子集成技术,该技术将 25G 接收器的所有电子元件集成在一个器件上。这项技术可以成为升级和保存许多现有电子制造商和中小企业的关键。这就是 TaoBase的用武之地,通过在创业公司和中小企业之间寻找和建立正确的联系和合作伙伴关系来帮助企业取得成功。通过 TaoBase,初创公司可以以最低的成本实现商业化,中小企业可以找到当前技术所需的工业升级。如果没有TaoBas, 国内市场的短板将严重挑战像Elphic这样的企业。

3. Taobase为无业企业家创造了第一个“即插即用”的环境,分别以无缝方式进入美国或中国市场



示例 2:最近,以色列的一家生物技术公司吸引了许多中国公司的兴趣。该研究公司开发了一种涉及胎盘细胞疗法的产品,用于治疗由子弹伤害或车祸引起的肌肉组织损伤。这种卓越的细胞疗法有可能将截肢率降低到接近 70%。虽然该产品尚未达到大规模销售,但该公司在纳斯达克上市,目前市值约为2亿美元。受公司光明前景的鼓舞,许多中国公司表示有兴趣通过这项新技术合作将该产品推向中国市场。 TaoBase 为这些公司提供了有效的无障碍沟通的国际双语平台。随着中国市场渴望接受国际业务和技术,TaoBase 可以将您的业务连接到一个充满潜力的市场。

通过 TaoBase国际中小企业可以和两国通过分享新技术合作和机会来帮助他们的业务发展。

4. Taobase建立一个基于信任的社区。 我们的保证是首屈一指的。

TaoBase 是一个促进现代技术、创新和专利共享的创新平台。对于某些情况,新技术、专利转让或高科技产品转让不允许买方和卖方使用商业交易门户网站完成交易过程。由于一系列复杂的问题,包括耗时的过程,也无法使用进口商或出口商。这正是TaoBase的用武之地。许多西方专利项目正在积极寻求投资者尽快为其生产经营提供资金和投资,而同时中国的许多投资者都渴望将这些项目推向中国这个世界最大的市场。区块链技术简化了交互,审核流程和信任因素能够帮助企业顺利转让专利和共享技术。我们用区块链智能合约来保护各种商业活动。

我们不断开展研究,开发能够更好地帮助用户建立业务团队并在全球范围内与其他人建立联系的产品和服务。如果您有任何意见或建议,请发送电子邮件至 info@ebiztie.com 与我们联系。