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Welcome to TaoBase.com, the online service for people to build their business network and find business partners.

This website (TaoBase.com) is operated by Ebiztie, Inc, (“Ebiztie.com”). The Terms of Use set forth below are binding on all users of this website. By directing your browser to this website or otherwise accessing the pages of this website, you accept these Terms of Use. TaoBase.com may change the Terms of Use at any time at its sole discretion. TaoBase.com reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to deny further or continuing access to the website to any visitor, including, without limitation, any user that TaoBase.com determines has violated any aspect of these Terms of Use. TaoBase.com reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to seek and obtain any other remedies available to it pursuant to any applicable laws and regulations or at equity as a result of your breach of these Terms of Use or any other act or omission by you that gives rise to a claim by TaoBase.com.

1. Eligibility

You must be at least eighteen (18) years of age and single or separated from your spouse to register as a member of TaoBase.com or use the website. Membership in the service is void where prohibited. By using the website, you represent and warrant that you have the right, authority and capacity to enter into this agreement and to abide by all of the terms and conditions of this agreement.

2. Membership, Subscription, Pricing and Membership/Subscription Termination

You may become a member of the service at no cost. As a member, you will have the ability to participate in some, but not all, of the features and services available within the service. In order to access additional features and services, including the ability to communicate with other members, you must become a paying subscriber to the service or earn enough virtual gold coins. Please visit the “Become Premium” page for the current subscription plans and their prices.

Please note that the subscription policies that are disclosed to you in subscribing to the service are deemed part of this agreement. Please see “Billing Details” for a description of such policies. For purposes of this agreement the term "Member" includes subscribers, unless where its usage indicates otherwise. From time to time, TaoBase.com may remove the profiles of non-subscribers.

This agreement will remain in full force and effect while you use the website and/or are a member. You may terminate your membership and/or subscription at any time, for any reason, by following the instructions on the resign pages in “My Premium subscriptions”, or you may contact us online. If you resign or cancel your membership and/or subscription via the TaoBase.com site, to help TaoBase.com analyze and improve the service, you may be asked to provide a reason for your resignation/cancellation. You may bypass this brief resignation survey page and continue the resignation/cancellation process by clicking the “Continue Cancellation” or other similar button on the page. If you terminate your subscription, your subscription will remain active until the end of your then-current subscription period (that is, the subscription period through which you had paid prior to your termination). TaoBase.com may terminate your membership and/or subscription by sending notice to you at the email address you provide in your application for membership, or such other email address as you may later provide to TaoBase.com. If TaoBase.com terminates your membership in the service because you have breached this agreement, you will not be entitled to any refund of unused subscription fees. All decisions regarding the termination of accounts shall be made in the sole discretion of TaoBase.com. TaoBase.com is not required to provide you notice prior to terminating your membership and/or subscription. TaoBase.com is not required, and may be prohibited, from disclosing a reason for the termination of your account. Even after your membership or subscription is terminated, this agreement will remain in effect. All terms that by their nature may survive termination of this agreement shall be deemed to survive such termination.

3. Subscriptions & Charges on Your Billing Account

(a) General Rules. TaoBase.com bills you through an online account (your "Billing Account") for use of the Service. You agree to pay TaoBase.com all charges at the prices then in effect for any use of the service by you or other persons (including your agents) using your Billing Account, and you authorize TaoBase.com to charge your chosen payment provider (your "Payment Method") for the service. You agree to make payment using that selected payment method. TaoBase.com reserves the right to correct any errors or mistakes that it makes even if it has already requested or received payment.

(b) Recurring Billing. Most subscription plans to the service consist of an initial period, for which there is a onetime charge, followed by recurring period charges as agreed to by you. By entering into this agreement, you acknowledge that your subscription has an initial and recurring payment feature and you accept responsibility for all recurring charges prior to cancellation. TaoBase.com may submit periodic charges (e.g., monthly) without further authorization from you, until you provide prior notice (confirmed in writing upon request by TaoBase.com) that you have terminated this authorization or wish to change your payment method. Such notice will not affect charges submitted before TaoBase.com reasonably could act to terminate your authorization or change your payment method, go to account settings.

(c) Current information required. You must provide current, complete and accurate information for your billing account. you must promptly update all information to keep your billing account current, complete and accurate (such as a change in billing address, credit card number, or credit card expiration date), and you must promptly notify TaoBase.com if your payment method is canceled (e.g., for loss or theft) or if you become aware of a potential breach of security, such as the unauthorized disclosure or use of your user name or password changes to such information can be made at my account settings. If you fail to provide TaoBase.com any of the foregoing information, you agree that TaoBase.com may continue charging you for any use of the service under your billing account unless you have terminated your subscription for the service (confirmed by you in writing upon request by TaoBase.com).

(d) Payment Method. The terms of your payment will be based on your Payment Method and may be determined by agreements between you and the financial institution, credit card issuer or other provider of your chosen Payment Method (the "Payment Method Provider"). If TaoBase.com does not receive payment from your Payment Method Provider, you agree to pay all amounts due on your Billing Account upon demand.

(e) Change in Amount Authorized. If the amount to be charged to your billing account varies from the amount you preauthorized (other than due to the imposition or change in the amount of state sales taxes), you have the right to receive, and TaoBase.com shall provide, notice of the amount to be charged and the date of the charge at least 10 days before the scheduled date of the transaction. Any agreement you have with your payment method provider will govern your use of your payment method. You agree that TaoBase.com may accumulate charges incurred and submit them as one or more aggregate charges during or at the end of each billing cycle.

(f) Auto-renewal. Your TaoBase.com monthly Premium subscription will be automatically extended for successive renewal periods of the same duration as the subscription term originally selected, at the then-current non-promotional subscription rate. To change or resign your subscription at any time, go to My Premium subscription. If you resign, you may use your subscription until the end of your then-current subscription term; your subscription will not be renewed after your then-current term expires. However, you won't be eligible for a prorated refund of any portion of the subscription fee paid for the then-current subscription period.

(g) Reaffirmation of Authorization. Your non-termination or continued use of the service reaffirms that TaoBase.com is authorized to charge your payment method. TaoBase.com may submit those charges for payment and you will be responsible for such charges. This does not waive TaoBase.com's right to seek payment directly from you. Your charges may be payable in advance, in arrears, per usage, or as otherwise described when you initially subscribed to the Service.

(h) Free Premium membership and Other Promotions. Members can receive one month free Premium membership by earning enough virtual gold coins. The method to earn virtual gold coins is listed on the Premium membership page. Any other promotion that provides subscriber-level access to the service must be used within the specified time of the trial period. You must cancel your subscription before the end of the trial period in order to avoid being charged a subscription fee. If you cancel prior to the end of the trial period and are inadvertently charged for a subscription, please contact customer care to have the charges reversed.

4. Account Security & Your Interaction with Other Members

Each ID can only register one TaoBase.com account. If we identify that you have more than one account on this website, your account may be permanently blocked.

You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the username and password that you designate during the Registration process, and you are fully responsible for all activities that occur under your username and password. Your safety and security are very important to us.

The nature of this website promotes the sharing of personal information by users with other users. TaoBase.com cannot and does not assure that it is safe for you to have direct contact with other users of this website. Current technological developments make it possible for users of the Internet to obtain personal information about, and locate, other users, with very little other information. For example, it is possible to use certain widely available commercial Internet search engines to locate a person's home solely using that person's correct name. If you believe that any user of this website is harassing you or is otherwise using personal information about you for unlawful purposes, we encourage you to first inform local law enforcement authorities and then to contact us so that we may take appropriate action to block further use of the website by any user who is using this website and information obtained from it for improper purposes.

If you are under 18 years of age but have improperly accessed this website by providing false information to us, not only are you an unauthorized user using this website in violation of these terms of use, but you may also be putting yourself and others in danger.

By accessing this website, you agree to use any personal information provided to you by other users of this website in a lawful and responsible manner. You further agree that you will not use personal information about other users of this website for any reason without the express prior consent of the user that has provided such information to you.

You are solely responsible for your interactions with other members. You understand that TaoBase.com does not in any way screen its members, nor does TaoBase.com inquire into the backgrounds of its members or attempt to verify the statements of its members. TaoBase.com does not conduct criminal background checks on its users.

TaoBase.com strongly advises you to use extreme caution before sharing personally identifiable information with other users of this website. TaoBase.com makes no representations or warranties as to the conduct of members or their compatibility with any current or future members. In no event shall TaoBase.com be liable for any damages whatsoever, whether direct, indirect, general, special, compensatory, consequential, and/or incidental, arising out of or relating to the conduct of you or anyone else in connection with the use of the Service, including without limitation, bodily injury, emotional distress, and/or any other damages resulting from communications or meetings with other registered users of this Service or persons you meet through this Service. You agree to take reasonable precautions in all interactions with other members of the service, particularly if you decide to meet offline or in person. In addition, you agree to review TaoBase.com's safety tips prior to using the service. You understand that TaoBase.com makes no guarantees, either express or implied, regarding your ultimate compatibility with individuals you meet through the service. You should not provide your financial information (for example, your credit card or bank account information) to other members.

5. Website Security and Unique and Bona Fide Profile

TaoBase.com uses industry standard efforts, such as firewalls, to safeguard the confidentiality of your personally identifiable information. However, perfect security does not exist on the internet; TaoBase.com cannot and does not guarantee that any personally identifiable information provided to us will not become public under any circumstances. In order to protect the integrity of the service, TaoBase.com reserves the right at any time in its sole discretion to block members from certain IP addresses from accessing the website.

You agree to create only one unique profile. In addition, in order to maintain the integrity of the website, by joining, you agree that your use of the website shall be for bona fide relationship-seeking purposes (for example, you may not use the website solely to compile a report of compatible singles in your area, or to write a school research paper). From time to time, we may create test profiles in order to monitor the operation of our services.

6. About Links

This Website may contain links to other websites that are not operated or controlled by TaoBase.com. The service may provide, or third parties may provide, links to other World Wide Web sites or resources. Because TaoBase.com has no control over such sites and resources, use of these links to access other internet sites is at your own risk. TaoBase.com is not responsible for the accuracy, reliability or quality of any information or services provided or products sold at these sites. TaoBase.com establishes links to other websites for the convenience of its users; however, such links are not intended to be an endorsement of the other website. You acknowledge and agree that TaoBase.com is not responsible for the availability of such external sites or resources, and does not endorse and is not responsible or liable for any content, advertising, products or other materials on or available from such sites or resources. You further acknowledge and agree that TaoBase.com shall not be responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with the use of, or reliance upon, any such content, goods or services available on or through any such site or resource.

7. About Contents

a. You are solely responsible for the Content that you publish or display (hereinafter, "post") on the service, or transmit to other members. You will not post on the service, or transmit to other members, any defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, obscene, profane, offensive, sexually oriented, threatening, harassing, racially offensive, or illegal material, or any material that infringes or violates another party's rights (including, but not limited to, intellectual property rights, and rights of privacy and publicity). You will not provide inaccurate, misleading or false information to the Company or to any other Member. If information provided to TaoBase.com, or another Member, subsequently becomes inaccurate, misleading or false, you will promptly notify TaoBase.com of such change.

b. You understand and agree that TaoBase.com may review and delete any content, messages, double-blind emails, photos or profiles (collectively, "Content"), in each case in whole or in part, that in the sole judgment of TaoBase.com violate this agreement or which might be offensive, illegal, or that might violate the rights, harm, or threaten the safety of members.

c. By posting Content to any public area of TaoBase.com, you automatically grant, and you represent and warrant that you have the right to grant, to TaoBase.com, its affiliates, licensees and successors, an irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive, fully paid, worldwide license to use, copy, perform, display, reproduce, adapt, modify and distribute such information and content and to prepare derivative works of, or incorporate into other works, such information and content, and to grant and authorize sublicenses of the foregoing. You further represent and warrant that public posting and use of your content by TaoBase.com will not infringe or violate the rights of any third party.

d. The following is a partial list of the kind of Content that is illegal or prohibited on the website. TaoBase.com reserves the right to investigate and take appropriate legal action in its sole discretion against anyone who violates this provision, including without limitation, removing the offending communication from the service and terminating the membership of such violators. It includes, but is not limited to, Content that:

* is patently offensive to the online community, such as Content that promotes racism, bigotry, hatred or physical harm of any kind against any group or individual;

* harasses or advocates harassment of another person;

* involves the transmission of "junk mail", "chain letters," or unsolicited mass mailing or "spamming";

* promotes information that you know is false, misleading or promotes illegal activities or conduct that is abusive, threatening, obscene, defamatory or libelous;

* promotes an illegal or unauthorized copy of another person's copyrighted work, such as providing pirated computer programs or links to them, providing information to circumvent manufacture-installed copy-protect devices, or providing pirated images, audio or video, or links to pirated images, audio or video files;

* contains restricted or password only access pages, or hidden pages or images (those not linked to or from another accessible page);

* provides material that exploits people under the age of 18 in a sexual or violent manner, or solicits personal information from anyone under the age of 18;

* provides instructional information about illegal activities such as making or buying illegal weapons, violating someone's privacy, or providing or creating computer viruses;

* solicits passwords or personal identifying information for commercial or unlawful purposes from other users; and

* engages in commercial activities and/or sales without our prior written consent such as contests, sweepstakes, barter, advertising, and pyramid schemes.

e. Your use of the service, including but not limited to the Content you post on the service, must be in accordance with any and all applicable laws and regulations.

f. You may not include in your Member profile any telephone numbers, street addresses, last names, URLs, email addresses, QQ number, or any other contact information. You may not include any information in your Member profile that allows other people to identify or contact you without using the service.

g. You may not engage in advertising to, or solicitation of, other members. This includes but is not limited to solicitation or advertising to buy or sell any products or services through the service or to attend parties or other social functions or networking for commercial purposes. You may not transmit any chain letters or junk email to other members. Although TaoBase.com cannot monitor the conduct of its members off the website, it is also a violation of these rules to use any information obtained from the service in order to harass, abuse, or harm another person, or in order to contact, advertise to, solicit, or sell to any Member without their prior explicit consent. In order to protect our members from such advertising or solicitation, we reserve the right to restrict the number of emails which a Member may send to other members in any 24-hour period to a number which we deem appropriate in our sole discretion.

h. All information you include in your Member profile must be accurate, current and complete.

i. Proprietary Rights. TaoBase.com owns and retains all proprietary rights in the website and the service. The website contains the copyrighted material, trademarks, and other proprietary information of TaoBase.com, and its licensors. Except for that information which is in the public domain or for which you have been given written permission, you may not copy, modify, publish, transmit, distribute, perform, display, or sell any such proprietary information.

j. Reliance on Content, Advice, Etc. Opinions, advice, statements, offers, or other information or content made available through the service, but not directly by TaoBase.com, are those of their respective authors, and should not necessarily be relied upon. Such authors are solely responsible for such content. TaoBase.com does not: (i) guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information on the service, or (ii) adopt, endorse or accept responsibility for the accuracy or reliability of any opinion, advice, or statement made by any party that appears on the website. Under no circumstances will TaoBase.com or its affiliates be responsible for any loss or damage resulting from your reliance on information or other content posted on the website or transmitted to or by any members.

8. Laws and Regulations

These Terms of Use shall be governed by and construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of the State of California without regard to its conflict of law provisions.

Your use of this website is governed by all applicable laws and regulations of the United States and any state and locality having jurisdiction. Information on this website may be subject to U.S. export control restrictions. Software from this website (the "Software") is further subject to United States export controls. No Software may be downloaded from the website or otherwise exported or re-exported (i) into (or to a national or resident of) Cuba, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Iran, Syria, or any other Country to which the U.S. has embargoed goods; or (ii) to anyone on the U.S. Treasury Department's list of Specially Designated Nationals or the U.S. Commerce Department's Table of Deny Orders. By downloading or using the Software, you represent and warrant that you are not located in, under the control of, or a national or resident of any such country or on any such list. Your use of this website may be subject to the laws of other countries if you are not located in the United States.

9. Non-Commercial Use by Members

The website is for your personal use only and may not be used in connection with any commercial endeavors. Organizations, companies, and/or businesses may not join and use the website for any purpose. Illegal and/or unauthorized uses of the website, including collecting usernames and/or email addresses by electronic or other means for the purpose of sending unsolicited email or using personal identifying information for commercial purposes, linking to the website, or unauthorized framing may be investigated and appropriate legal action will be taken, including without limitation, civil, criminal, and injunctive redress. Use of the website is with our permission, which may be revoked at any time, for any reason, in our sole discretion. At our sole discretion, we may take reasonable steps, including limiting the numbers of emails you send or receive and electronically filtering or throttling or terminating your e-mail.

10. Member Conduct and Disputes

In your digital interactions with other users (including, but not limited to: site messages, instant messages, journal postings, and forum comments), you agree to conduct yourself civilly and respectfully. While using the website, you agree that you shall not under any circumstances harass or make mischief against any other user of the website. TaoBase.com reserves the right to determine, at its sole discretion, what constitutes harassment or mischief, and where that has occurred; and may, also at its sole discretion, partially or completely deny service to any infringing party. As part of these efforts, TaoBase.com may enlist the help of its active users to moderate flagged messages, comments and other content to determine if a user's conduct is harmful to the community.

You are solely responsible for your interactions with other TaoBase.com members. TaoBase.com reserves the right, but has no obligation, to monitor disputes between you and other members.

11. Service Modifications and Customer Service

The products and services mentioned or promoted on the website, including password protected information relating thereto may be changed by TaoBase.com at any time without notice. services or information about products offered by third parties are referred to on the website for information purposes only. TaoBase.com's provision of any such information is not intended to constitute an endorsement or recommendation, by TaoBase.com, of such products or services. You agree that TaoBase.com shall not be liable to you or to any third party for any modification, suspension or discontinuance of the Service.

TaoBase.com provides assistance and guidance through its customer care representatives. When communicating with our customer care representatives, you may not to be abusive, obscene, profane, offensive, sexist, threatening, harassing, racially offensive, or otherwise behave inappropriately. If we feel that your behavior towards any of our customer care representatives or other employees is at any time threatening or offensive, we reserve the right to immediately terminate your membership and you will not be entitled to any refund of unused subscription fees.

12. Indemnity & Third Party Beneficiaries

You agree to indemnify and hold TaoBase.com, its subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, agents, and other partners and employees, harmless from any loss, liability, claim, or demand, including reasonable attorney's fees, made by any third party due to or arising out of your use of the service in violation of this agreement and/or arising from a breach of this agreement and/or any breach of your representations and warranties set forth above.

You agree that, except as otherwise expressly provided in this agreement, there shall be no third party beneficiaries to this agreement. This agreement contains the entire agreement between you and TaoBase.com regarding the use of the website and/or the service. If any provision of this agreement is held invalid, the remainder of this agreement shall continue in full force and effect. Please contact us with any questions regarding this agreement. TaoBase.com is a trademark of Elites Meet Up, Inc.

13. About Copyright

The contents of this website are protected by copyright and may not be copied or otherwise reproduced without TaoBase.com's written permission. Users may not publish or create derivative works from the contents of this website for any public or commercial purposes.

You may not post, distribute, or reproduce in any way any copyrighted material, trademarks, or other proprietary information without obtaining the prior written consent of the owner of such proprietary rights. Without limiting the foregoing, if you believe that your work has been copied and posted on the service in a way that constitutes copyright infringement, please provide our Copyright Agent with the following information: an electronic or physical signature of the person authorized to act on behalf of the owner of the copyright interest; a description of the copyrighted work that you claim has been infringed; a description of where the material that you claim is infringing is located on the website; your address, telephone number, and email address; a written statement by you that you have a good faith belief that the disputed use is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law; a statement by you, made under penalty of perjury, that the above information in your notice is accurate and that you are the copyright owner or authorized to act on the copyright owner's behalf.

14. Disclaimers

TaoBase.com is not responsible for any incorrect or inaccurate Content posted on the website or in connection with the service, whether caused by users of the website, members or by any of the equipment or programming associated with or utilized in the service.

TaoBase.com is not responsible for the conduct, whether online or offline, of any user of the website or Member of the service. TaoBase.com assumes no responsibility for any error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, delay in operation or transmission, communications line failure, theft or destruction or unauthorized access to, or alteration of, user or Member communications.

TaoBase.com is not responsible for any problems or technical malfunction of any telephone network or lines, computer online systems, servers or providers, computer equipment, software, failure of email or players on account of technical problems or traffic congestion on the Internet or at any website or combination thereof, including injury or damage to users and/or members or to any other person's computer related to or resulting from participating or downloading materials in connection with the Web and/or in connection with the service.

Under no circumstances will TaoBase.com or any of its affiliates, advertisers, promoters or distribution partners be responsible for any loss or damage, including personal injury or death, resulting from anyone's use of the website or the service, any Content posted on the website or transmitted to members, or any interactions between users of the website, whether online or offline.

Use of this website is provided “as is, where is,” as an accommodation, and without warranty of any kind, nor does TaoBase.com provide any warranties of any kind in respect of any goods and services purchased or provided via this website (unless otherwise expressly stated in writing in the relevant terms and conditions of sale) or any links to this website.

In addition to the preceding paragraph and other provisions of this agreement, any advice that may be posted on the website is for informational and entertainment purposes only and is not intended to replace or substitute for any professional financial, medical, legal, or other advice. TaoBase.com makes no representations or warranties and expressly disclaims any and all liability concerning any treatment, action by, or effect on any person following the information offered or provided within or through the website. If you have specific concerns or a situation arises in which you require professional or medical advice, you should consult with an appropriately trained and qualified specialist.

Except in jurisdictions where such provisions are restricted, in no event will TaoBase.com be liable to you or any third person for any indirect, consequential, exemplary, incidental, special or punitive damages, including also lost profits arising from your use of the Web site or the service, even if TaoBase.com has been advised of the possibility of such damages. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, TaoBase.com's liability to you for any cause whatsoever, and regardless of the form of the action, will at all times be limited to the amount paid, if any, by you to TaoBase.com for the service during the term of membership.

15. Privacy

The service and/or use of the website are also governed by our Privacy Policy. The privacy policy is incorporated into and a part of these terms of use. You should appreciate that all information submitted on the website might potentially be publicly accessible. Important and private information should be protected by you. We are not responsible for protecting, nor are we liable for failing to protect, the privacy of electronic mail or other information transferred through the Internet or any other network that you may utilize. See TaoBase.com's privacy policy for more information regarding privacy.

条款及条件 (for English, click here)


本网站(“TaoBase.com”)是EBIZTIE,INC.(“商纽网(EBIZEITE.COM)”)旗下网站。本使用条款和规定适用并约束所有网站用户。通过将浏览器指向本网站或访问本网站的页面,你接受本使用条款。商纽网((TaoBase.com)可随时自行更改使用条款。商纽网(TaoBase.com)保留权利,有权全权酌情拒绝进一步或持续访问网站的任何访问者,包括但不限于商纽网(TaoBase.com)确定的任何违反了这些使用条款的任何方面的用户。 商纽网(TaoBase.com)将根据任何适用的法律法规或公平裁决保留自行决定寻求并获得可用的任何其他补救措施的权利,并由商纽网(TaoBase.com)对由于您违反本使用条款或任何其他的疏忽行为或不作为提出权益索赔。

1. 资格


2. 会员资格,订阅,定价和会员/订阅终止

您可以免费成为本网站的基本会员。作为会员,您将被允许参与使用现有服务中的部分功能和服务,但非全部功能。为了访问其他功能和服务,包括与其他成员通信的能力,您必须成为服务的付费用户或获得足够的虚拟金币。请访问“成为Premium” 页面参考具体订阅计划及其价格。


当您使用本网站和/或成为会员时,本协议将保持完整的效力。您可以按照“我的Premium订阅” 页面上的放弃订阅选项,随时终止您的会员资格和/或订阅,或者您可以在线联系我们。如果您通过商纽网(TaoBase.com)网站放弃或取消您的会员资格和/或订阅,为了帮助商纽网(TaoBase.com)分析和改进服务,您可能会被要求提供您辞职/取消的理由。您可以绕过这个简短的辞职调查页面,并通过点击页面上的 “继续取消” 或其他类似的按钮继续执行辞职/取消过程。如果您终止订阅,您的订阅将保持有效,直到当前订阅期限结束(即您在终止之前已经支付的订阅期)。 商纽网(TaoBase.com)可以通过您在您的申请中提供的电子邮件地址发送通知给您,或通过以后向商纽网(TaoBase.com)提供的其他电子邮件地址发送通知。如果商纽网(TaoBase.com)因您违反本协议而终止您的服务成员资格,您将无权要求退还未使用的订阅费用。关于终止帐户的所有决定均由商纽网(TaoBase.com)自行决定。 商纽网(TaoBase.com)不需要在终止您的会员资格和/或订阅之前通知您。 商纽网(TaoBase.com)不需要,也可能被禁止披露终止您的帐户的理由。即使您的会员资格或订阅被终止以后,本协议仍然有效。在本协议终止之后,其性质的任何条款均可被视为在终止之后仍然存在。

3. 您的帐单帐户的订阅和收费(针对Premium 会员 和增值服务)

(a) 一般规则。 商纽网(TaoBase.com)通过在线帐户(您的 “帐单帐户” )向您收取使用本服务的费用。您同意以使用您的帐单帐户的您或其他人(包括您的代理商)使用该服务的价格付费,并授权商纽网(TaoBase.com)为您选择的服务向您付款提供商(您的 “付款方法” )收取费用。您同意使用该选定的付款方式付款。即使已经申请或收到付款,商纽网(TaoBase.com)保留更正任何错误或错误的权利。

(b) 定期计费。 服务的大多数订阅计划包括一个开始时的一次性收费,其次是您所同意的定期费用。通过签订本协议,您确认您的订阅具有初始和定期付款功能,并且您在取消订阅之前承担所有定期费用的责任。 商纽网(TaoBase.com)可能会在未经您的许可的情况下提交定期收费(例如每月),直到您提前通知(商纽网(TaoBase.com)的请求书面确认)您已终止此授权或希望更改您的付款方式。此类通知不会影响商纽网(TaoBase.com)合理地终止您的授权或更改您的付款方式之前提交的费用,请见Premium订阅设置。

(c) 所需资料。 您必须为您的帐单帐户提供最新,完整和准确的信息。您必须及时更新所有信息,以使帐单帐户保持最新,完整和准确(例如帐单地址,信用卡号码或信用卡到期日期的更改),如果您的付款方式被取消,您必须及时通知商纽网(TaoBase.com) (例如,丢失或被盗)或者如果您意识到潜在的安全漏洞,例如未经授权的披露或使用您的用户名或密码,可以在我的帐户设置进行更改。如果您未能提供商纽网(TaoBase.com)上述任何信息,您同意商纽网(TaoBase.com)可能会继续向您收取任何使用您帐单帐户中的服务的费用,除非您已终止您对该服务的订阅(由您以书面确认请求商纽网(TaoBase.com)。

(d) 付款方式。 您的付款条款/期限将基于您的付款方式,并可能由您与金融机构,信用卡发卡机构或您选择的付款方式的其他提供商( “付款方式提供商” )之间的协议确定。如果商纽网((TaoBase.com))没有从您的付款方式提供商收到付款,您同意根据需要在您的帐单帐户支付所有应付金额。

(e) 授权金额变动。 如果您的帐单帐单收取的金额与您预先授权的金额不同(除了由于征收或更改国家销售税的金额),您有权收到提醒通知,商纽网((TaoBase.com))将在交易的预定日期前至少10天通知即将收取的费用额和收费日期。您与付款方式提供商的任何协议将决定您对付款方式的使用。您同意,商纽网((TaoBase.com))可能会累积所收取的费用,并在每个结算周期结束或结束时将其作为一个或多个汇总费用提交。

(f) 自动更新。 您的商纽网((TaoBase.com))每月Premium订阅将自动延长续订期并与最初选择的订阅期限相同的,以当前的非促销订阅价格为准。如需随时更改或取消订阅,请参阅 “我的Premium” 订阅页面。如果您退订,您可以继续使用您的订阅,直到当前订阅期限结束为止; 您的订阅将不会在您当前的期限届满后续订。但是,您将无法按比例退还当前订阅期间支付的订阅费用的任何部分。

(g) 重申授权。 您的非终止或继续使用服务将重申商纽网(TaoBase.com)有权向您收取费用。 商纽网(TaoBase.com)可能会向您的付款服务商提交这些费用,您将负责这些费用。但商纽网(TaoBase.com)仍然有权直接向您声讨款项。您的费用可能会被要求提前支付,延后付款,按使用情况付款,或者按您最初订阅服务时的说明付款。

(h) 免费Premium会员及其他促销活动。 会员可以通过获得足够的虚拟金币获得一个月免费Premium会员资格。获取虚拟金币的方法列在Premium会员页面上。必须在试用期的指定时间内使用Premium用户级的促销活动。您必须在试用期结束前取消订阅,以避免收取订阅费。如果您在试用期结束前取消订单,并且无意中收取了订阅费用,请联系客户服务部门撤销相关费用。

4. 账户安全和您与其他会员的互动

每个ID只能注册一个商纽网帐户。如果我们确定您在此网站上有多个帐户,您的帐户可能会被注销或者用久屏蔽。 您有责任维护您在注册过程中指定的用户名和密码的机密性,并对您在用户名和密码下发生的所有活动负全部责任。您的安全和保障对我们来说非常重要。

本网站的性质促进用户与其他用户共享个人信息。 如果您直接和其他用户联系,商纽网不能也不确保您的安全。当前的技术发展使得互联网用户可以轻易通过极少的信息获得有关其他用户的个人信息,并找到其他用户。例如,仅根据该人的正确姓名就可以使用某些广泛使用的商业互联网搜索引擎来定位个人的家庭住址。如果您认为本网站的任何用户骚扰您或以其他方式使用有关您的个人信息有非法目的,我们建议您先通知当地执法部门,然后与我们联系,以便我们采取适当行动屏蔽那些使用本网站或从中获得信息用于不正当目的的用户进一步使用本网站。



您对与其他成员的互动负全部责任。你明白,商纽网(TaoBase.com)不会以任何方式筛选其成员,商纽网(TaoBase.com)也不会查询其成员的背景或企图验证其成员的声明正确与否。 商纽网(TaoBase.com)不对其用户进行犯罪背景调查。


5. 网站安全和独一无二和善意(Bona Fide)个人资料

商纽网(TaoBase.com)使用行业标准的成果,如防火墙,以保护您的个人身份信息的机密性。但是,互联网上并不存在完美的安全性; 商纽网(TaoBase.com)不能也不保证在任何情况下提供给我们的任何个人身份信息都不会公开。为保护服务的完整性,商纽网(TaoBase.com)保留随时自行决定阻止某些IP地址的成员访问该网站的权利。 您同意仅创建一个独一无二的个人资料。此外,为了保持网站的完整性,通过加入,您同意您使用本网站是出于善意真诚的目的(例如,您不得仅使用本网站在您所在地区编辑一个假的相似个人,或写一份学校研究论文)。我们可能会不时的进行资料测试,以监控我们的服务的运行。

6. 关于链接

本网站可能包含未由商纽网(TaoBase.com)经营或控制的其他网站的链接。该服务可以提供或第三方可以提供到其他万维网站点或资源的链接。因为商纽网(TaoBase.com)无法控制这些网站和资源,所以使用这些链接访问其他网站是由您自己承担风险。 商纽网(TaoBase.com)对于提供的任何信息或服务或在这些网站上销售的产品的准确性,可靠性或质量不承担任何责任。 商纽网(TaoBase.com)建立到其他网站的链接,只是用来方便用户; 然而,这样的链接并不是对其他网站的认可。您承认并同意,商纽网(TaoBase.com)对此类外部网站或资源的可用性概不负责,也不对这些网站或资源上的任何内容,广告,产品或其他材料提供支持,也不承担任何责任。您进一步确认并同意,商纽网(TaoBase.com)不对因使用或依赖任何此类内容的货物或指称造成或指称的任何损害或损失,直接或间接负责或承担责任或通过任何此类网站或资源提供的服务。

7. 关于内容

(a) 您对您在服务上发布或显示(以下简称“发布”)或转发给其他会员的内容负责,。您不会将任何诽谤,不准确,侮辱,淫秽,亵渎,恶意,性倾向,威胁,骚扰,种族歧视或非法材料的任何诽谤,不准确,侮辱,滥用,猥亵,猥亵,违禁或非法的材料,或任何侵犯或违反另一方权利(包括但不限于知识产权,隐私权和宣传权)。您不会向本公司或任何其他会员提供不准确,误导或虚假的信息。如果提供给商纽网(TaoBase.com)或其他会员的信息随后变得不准确,误导或虚假,您将及时通知商纽网(TaoBase.com)。

(b) 您理解并同意,商纽网(TaoBase.com)可以在TaoBase.com的独有判断中,全面或部分地审查和删除任何内容,消息,双盲电子邮件,照片或个人资料(统称为“内容”)。 com违反本协议或可能是冒犯,非法或可能侵犯权利,损害或威胁成员安全的协议。

(c) 通过将内容发布到商纽网(TaoBase.com)的任何公共区域,您将自动授予,并声明并保证您有权向商纽网(TaoBase.com)及其关联公司、许可证持有者和继承人授予不可撤销的,永久的,非排他性的、已经全额支付的全球许可,批准和授权其使用、复制、执行、显示、再版、改编、修改和分发此类信息和内容,并制作衍生作品或将其纳入其他作品中的信息和内容。您进一步声明并保证商纽网(TaoBase.com)的公开发布和使用您的内容不会侵犯或违反任何第三方的权利。

(d) 以下是网站上非法或禁止的内容类型的部分列表。 商纽网(TaoBase.com)保留对违反本条款的任何人全权酌情调查和采取适当法律行动的权利,包括但不限于从服务中删除违规通信并终止违规者的成员身份。它包括但不限于以下内容:

* 对网络社区有明显的攻击,例如宣传任何群体或个人的任何种族主义,偏执,仇恨或身体伤害的内容

* 骚扰或主张骚扰其他人;

* 涉及“垃圾邮件”,“连锁信件”或未经允许的群发邮件或“垃圾邮件”的传输;

* 宣传您所知道的虚假,误导或宣传非法活动或滥用,威胁,淫秽,诽谤或诽谤的行为; 比如传销行为

* 宣传另一人的版权作品的非法或未经授权的副本,例如提供盗版电脑程序或链接,提供信息以规避制造安装的复制保护装置,或提供盗版图像,音频或视频或链接到盗版图像,音频或视频文件;

* 包含受限制的或只有密码的访问页面,或隐藏的页面或图像(未链接到或从另一个可访问页面链接的页面);

* 提供以性暴力或暴力的方式剥削18岁以下的人的资料,或向18岁以下的任何人征求个人资料;

* 提供关于非法活动的指导性信息,如制造或购买非法武器,违反某人的隐私,或提供或制造计算机病毒;

* 向其他用户索取商业或非法目的的密码或个人识别信息; 和

* 未经我们事先书面同意从事商业活动和/或销售,如比赛,抽奖,易货,广告和金字塔骗局等等。

(e) 您使用的网站服务,包括但不限于您在网站上发布的内容,必须符合任何和所有适用的法律法规。

(f) 您不得在会员资料中添加任何电话号码,街道地址,姓氏,网址,电子邮件地址,QQ号码或任何其他联系信息。您不能在会员资料中添加任何信息,允许其他人在不使用该服务的情况下识别或联系您。

(g) 您不得对其他会员进行广告或招揽。这包括但不限于招揽或广告,以通过服务购买或出售任何产品或服务,或参与各方或其他社会功能及网络用于商业目的。您不得将任何连锁信或垃圾邮件传送给其他成员。虽然商纽网(TaoBase.com)不能监控其成员在网站上的行为,但使用从服务获得的任何信息来骚扰,滥用或损害他人,或为了联系广告没有事先明确同意,向任何会员征求或出售,也违反了这些规则。为了保护我们的会员免受这种广告或招揽,我们保留权利限制会员可以在24小时内向其他会员发送的电子邮件数量,以我们认为适当的数量为准。

(h) 您在会员资料中包含的所有信息必须准确,最新和完整。

(i) 专有权。商纽网(TaoBase.com)拥有并保留网站和服务中的专有权利。该网站包含商纽网(TaoBase.com)及其许可方的受版权保护的材料,商标和其他专有信息。除了在公共领域或您获得书面许可的信息外,您不得复制,修改,发布,传播,分发,执行,展示或销售任何此类专有信息。

(j) 内容,建议等的可靠性。通过本网站但不是直接由商纽网(TaoBase.com)提供的建议,声明,优惠或其他信息或内容,有他们各自的作者,不应该被依赖。此类作者对此类内容负全部责任。 商纽网(TaoBase.com)不:(i)保证任何服务信息的准确性,完整性或有用性,或(ii)对网站上任何一方的任何意见,建议或声明的准确性或可靠性采取认可或接受责任。在任何情况下,商纽网(TaoBase.com)或其附属公司不对您依赖于网站上发布的信息或其他内容或由任何成员发送的其他内容所造成的任何损失或损害负责。

8. 法律法规

These Terms of Use shall be governed by and construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of the State of California without regard to its conflict of law provisions.

这些使用条款由加利福尼亚州的法律管辖,并由其解释和执行,不考虑其法律冲突条款。 您对本网站的使用受美国所有适用法律和法规以及任何拥有管辖权的州和地区的管辖。本网站上的信息可能受美国出口管制限制。本网站的软件(“软件”)还受美国出口管制的约束。不得从网站下载软件,或以其他方式将古巴,伊拉克,利比亚,北韩,伊朗,叙利亚或美国任何其他国家出口或再出口(i)输入(或转交给国民或居民)禁运货物;或(ii)美国财政部的特别指定国民名单或美国商务部拒绝令表中的任何人。通过下载或使用本软件/网站,您声明并保证您不在任何此类国家或任何此类列表的所有者的控制之下,或其国民或居民的位置。如果您不在美国,您对本网站的使用可能受其他国家的法律约束。

9. 会员非商业用途


10. 会员行为和争议

在与其他用户的数字信息互动(包括但不限于:网站信息,即时消息,日志发布和论坛评论)中,您同意以文明和尊重的态度进行自我介绍。在使用网站时,您同意您不得在任何情况下骚扰或对网站的其他用户进行恶作剧。 商纽网(TaoBase.com)保留自行决定是什么构成骚扰或恶作剧以及发生地点;并可自行决定部分或全部拒绝任何侵权方的服务。作为这些努力的一部分,商纽网(TaoBase.com)可能会邀请其活跃用户的帮助来调节标记的消息,评论和其他内容,以确定用户的行为是否对社区有害。

您对与其他商纽网(TaoBase.com)会员的互动负全部责任。 商纽网(TaoBase.com)保留权利,但没有义务监督您与其他成员之间的争议。

11. 服务修改和客户服务

网站上提及或推广的产品和服务,包括与此相关的密码保护信息可能随时被商纽网(TaoBase.com)更改,恕不另行通知。在网站上提及关于第三方提供的产品的服务或信息仅供参考。 商纽网(TaoBase.com)提供的任何此类信息不构成商纽网(TaoBase.com)对此类产品或服务的认可或推荐。您同意,商纽网(TaoBase.com)如有对本服务的任何修改,暂停或停止将不对您或任何第三方承担责任。


12. 赔偿和第三方受益人


您同意,除本协议另有明确规定外,本协议第三方不得受益。本协议包含您与商纽网(TaoBase.com)之间关于使用网站和/或服务的完整协议。如果本协议的任何条款无效,本协议的其余部分将继续有效。有关本协议的任何问题,请与我们联系。 商纽网(商纽网(TaoBase.com)是Ebiztie,Inc.的商标。

13. 关于版权


在没有得到原所有者的事先书面同意您不得以任何方式发布,分发或复制任何受版权保护的材料,商标或其他专有信息。在不限制前述内容的情况下,如果您认为您的作品已经以构成侵犯版权的方式复制并发布在服务上,请向我们的版权代理提供以下信息:授权代理人的电子或实体签名的所有者的版权利益;对您声称侵权的版权作品的描述;描述您声称侵权的资料所在网站上的位置;您的地址,电话号码和电子邮件地址;您的书面声明确信有争议的使用你的作品未经版权所有者,其代理人或法律授权; 由您在伪证罪的惩罚下宣誓作出的声明:您的上述信息是准确的,您确实是版权所有者或有权代表版权所有者采取行动。

14. 免责声明


商纽网(TaoBase.com)不对网站或服务成员的任何用户的行为(无论是线上还是离线)负责。 商纽网(TaoBase.com)不对任何错误,遗漏,中断,删除,缺陷,延迟运行或传输,通信线路故障,盗窃或销毁或未经授权的访问或经更改的用户/会员通信负责。




除本协议前款和其他规定外,任何可能在网站上发布的建议仅供参考和娱乐,不得替代或替代任何专业的财务,医疗,法律或其他建议。 商纽网(TaoBase.com)不作任何声明或保证,并明确表示不承担任何对网站内部或网站上提供或提供的信息的任何治疗,行动或影响的任何责任。如果您有特定疑虑或出现需要专业或医疗咨询的情况,您应该咨询经过适当培训和合格的专家。


15. 隐私